Well Intervention

Solids in the wellbore represent major obstacles:

  • Reduced “sand free” production rates
  • Sand bridging and plugged well bore
  • Erosion and malfunction of downstream and production equipment
  • Scale buildup and a need for scale removal


How can we help?    
The BRI DDS™ is a patented two stage solids separation technology with small footprint which gives you the best solution for all of your solid control challenges in following operations:

  • Solids removal in “flow-back” mode, a light intervention technique for wells that are still producing. Eliminates the need for a CT operation altogether.
  • Solids removal from return fluids during coiled tubing (CT) and snubbing operations.
  • Intervention well control for flow-back, CT and snubbing operations
  • Online jetting of test and production separators


Cost reduction through optimized performance
With over 14 years of experience we have the expertise, knowledge and certification, required to provide complete solutions for well cleanout optimization, thereby  reducing costs. The BRI Cleanup DDS™ requires minimal deck space, low rigging time and POB and maximizes efficiency and safety.


Key attributes of our technology:

  • Real time monitoring of solids, flows, temperatures and pressures.
  • High uptime performance with minimal maintenance and low operational costs.
  • Can be delivered as low, medium and high pressure system.
  • Automatic adjustment to flow – no need to change nozzles during operation.
  • High solids volume load capabilities – no more need for “dual pot filter” solution.
  • Zero wellhead pressure loss - DDS™ patented technology.

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