Production Optimalization

Sand in the process stream can cause problems during normal production:

  • Increased wear/erosion of production equipment, causing increased maintenance
  • Downtime due to the need of cleaning/jetting
  • Higher risk of accidents due to increased probability of containment loss and increased frequency of cleaning/jetting operations

How can we help?   
The BRI DDS™ is a patented two stage solids separation technology with small footprint which gives you the best solution for all of your solid control challenges in following operations:

  • Normal production through inline sand management, installed in desired position in the process (at the x-mas tree outlet or in any position downstream)
  • Online jetting of test and production separators

Cost reduction through optimized performance
With over 14 years of experience we have the expertise, knowledge and certification, required to provide complete solutions for solids management in production operations. The BRI Cleanup DDS™ requires minimal deck space and short installation time, maximizing efficiency and safety, while reducing costs. We can deliver complete installation projects, including feasibility and concept studies for installation of our equipment (see the Projects and Engineering section).

Key attributes of our technology:

  • Real time monitoring of solids, flows, temperatures and pressures.
  • High uptime performance with minimal maintenance and low operational costs.
  • Can be delivered as low, medium and high pressure system.
  • Automatic adjustment to flow – no need to change nozzles during operation.
  • High solids volume load capabilities – no more need for “dual pot filter” solution.
  • Zero wellhead pressure loss - DDS™ patented technology.

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